About Gwheel

Gwheel has developed a range of tight electric vehicles that are powered by highly efficient AGM batteries. AGM batteries are more efficient than wet lead-acid batteries or even lithium-ion/lithium-polymer batteries as AGM batteries do not require top-up of acid tor every charging cycle and do not have memory effects and store more energy per unit volume. These light electric vehicles run on efficient, virtually noise free electric motors. There is no learning curve to use these electric vehicles as they function just like regular vehicles minus the noise, pollution and high running and maintenance costs. Although there are electric vehicle solutions out in the market today, they suffer from the following drawbacks:

  • No suitable products for specific purpose use
  • Outdated designs (both cosmetic and functional)
  • Not user friendly (needs constant maintenance)
  • Eight to twelve seater not available Hill climbing limited to 18* slope or less
  • Limited info gauges, lack of power steering, horn, turn signal, reverse warning sensors or wipers
  • Heavy battery maintenance requiring additional man power
  • Lower battery lite and range.

The idea to form the company came from the foresight to understand the magnitude of the business in line with the calling from the government to venture into alternative powered vehicles and green tech based industry.

Company Vision - Gwheel to become the Global Leader in the "Green" Light Electric Vehicle Industry

Company Mission - Gwheel to produce vehicles using alternative power sources (to fossil fuel) which are environmentally friendly, polution free, cost effective to run, efficent and easy to use.